Seamless Gutters

Home Improvement Professionals will manufacture aluminum K Style seamless gutters customized for your home right on your job site. We offer 5” and 6” K style aluminum gutter as well as historically correct 6” half round gutter in aluminum and copper. Many accessories are available to give you the custom look you desire. Heavy aluminum gutter screen is available to cover the gutter to allow for minimal maintenance. Micromesh is an innovation which allows the rain water through and keeps large debris such as leaves and twigs out of the gutter.


Klauer products have been industry proven for over 145 years.  They are constructed of the highest-quality steel and aluminum in nearby Dubuque, Iowa.  With many colors to choose from, Klauer painted gutters are backed by a 40-year limited warranty.

We are happy to answer questions you have about any of our products or services - we are here to help you reach your home goals!