Waterproofing and Foundation Insulation


A dry basement is the objective, which is why HIP chooses Houseguard Tru-Dry waterproofing membrane as its main line of defense for a dry basement.

HIP spray technicians are factory trained and certified to assure a quality job completed on schedule.

HouseGuard TruDry™ Basement Waterproofing Sealer

Stronger is better! When concrete walls crack the only thing stopping water is a strong membrane. TruDry™ by HouseGuard incorporates two unique polymers used in our asphalt technology. These two polymers work synergistically creating a stronger membrane bond across the crack with increased hydrostatic pressure resistance.

Foundation Insulation

Current building codes call for an R-10 continuous insulation on the exterior of basement foundation walls. HIP achieves this by using 2” extruded polystyrene foam sheet. We choose a sheet with built in drainage grooves to maximize drainage.


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